Refund Policy

  • Return Policy:
  • Our delivery man will check the product first in front of the customer and then
    hand it over to him/her.  If a customer finds any kind of problem after receiving
    his/her product (such as physically damaged product, product does not function
    properly, product not same as displayed on image), he/she can receive
    replacement of the product immediately.
  • If a customer feels like he/she doesn’t need the product after the delivery has
    been made, he/she can notify us and can cancel the delivery while having our
    delivery man still at their place. In such cases the customer just has to pay 100
    Taka Cancelation Charge only.
  • No Replacement or Cancelation Request will be valid after our Delivery
    man departs from the customer’s place.
  • In case of out of Dhaka delivery, customer has to notify us about any damaged
    product as soon as he/she received it from the courier office. After inspecting the
    whole fact we will take an action to resolve the problem. We will replace the
    product if needed or will refund the money via Bkash as soon as we get our
    damaged product back from the customer through the courier. In that case, the
    customer just has to bare the courier charge only.